Precautions When Building and Testing in Production: Part II

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This is the second in a multi-part series on precautions you can take when building and testing directly in production. The first part on instance-wide restrictions can be found here. Now let's delve into some program-specific approaches.

In addition to the built-in functionality across the entire instance, certain precautions can be taken depending on the kind of program you are working on.

Email Programs

  • Do not select a schedule or choose a schedule at least a week away.

  • Do not select the Approve Program button until you are ready to send out the email.

Engagement (Nurture) Programs

  • Turn off the program in the Setup tab. This prevents any emails or activities from being triggered by the engagement program.

  • Deactivate the programs within the engagement streams.

  • Do not add members to the engagement program streams.

Event and Default Programs

  • Add additional filters on smart campaigns that you know will exclude your audience from qualifying until you are ready to remove them. The two most common choices are a reference to the specific email address of the builder and a reference to a seed list (only one choice is necessary):


  • Leave assets unapproved for as long as possible while building. Keep in mind that assets must be approved in order to be added to a flow step or smart list filter/trigger.

  • Do not activate trigger campaigns other than those using Campaign is Requested triggers.

  • Do not schedule or run batch campaigns.
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