Marketo Measure (Bizible) Attribution Model Example

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Sometimes when we're trying to wrap our heads around a concept or idea, a detailed example and/or visualization can be immensely helpful. In the case of attribution reporting with Marketo Measure (fka Bizible), it can be a reporting mindset shift so I wanted to share an example that I've been using lately. 


For our example, let's say that Riah is in the market for a Moped Scooter and her buying journey goes like this: 


1.  Riah searches organically on Google to see options. She finds a company, Magical Mopeds, and clicks through to the site to learn more but doesn’t fill out a form or purchase

2.  A few days later, Riah is still researching and sees a Paid Search ad for Magical Mopeds and then fills out a form to access a guide for selecting the best Moped type

3.  A week later, Riah receives an email from Magical Mopeds and clicks through to the website to make a purchase 


This journey might be overly simplified but for example purposes, we can use it to visualize what this could look like in a Marketo Measure Attribution Report. 


Now as you know already, there isn't necessarily one right answer for which attribution model is "right" or "the best" but to show you how this might look as told by 3 different attribution models, check out these charts:





As you can see, the credit allocation is vastly different across these 3 different models so it's important to carefully assess your reporting requirements and select the attribution model that aligns best. For more details on this, check out last week's deep dive into Attribution Model Use Cases!


Last Updated 4/5/2024


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