How does Marketo Measure (Bizible) Populate its Multi-purpose Fields?

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Marketo Measure (Bizible) has a collection of fields on the Bizible Touchpoint & Bizible Attribution Touchpoint Objects that can be populated in different ways depending on where the Touchpoint is coming from (think Bizible JavaScript or maybe CRM Campaign). This is super valuable to your reporting because it allows for omni-channel reporting if you can be consistent with your naming conventions/ways some of these fields are populated. 


For example, in the following screenshot, you can see there are varying values for columns such as Touchpoint Source, Ad Campaign Name and Touchpoint Type:




Since Bizible can create Touchpoints from several sources, it can be hard to remember all of the possibilities for field population so I put together this table to help you visualize it all in one place: 


Bizible Field:

JavaScript TP w/o Ad Integration:

JavaScript TP w/ Ad Integration:

CRM Campaign TP:

CRM Activity TP:

Marketo Program TP:

Marketo Activity TP:

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form TP:


UTM_Medium Medium Value from Ad platform CRM Campaign Type CRM Activity Type value Marketo Channel Name Marketo Activity Type "Lead Gen Form"

Touchpoint Source

UTM_Source OR name of Organic Search Engine OR "Web Direct"

Name of the Ad Platform

"CRM Campaign"

or "Marketing List" potentially if Dynamics CRM

"CRM Activity" "Marketo Program" "Marketo Activity" "LinkedIn"

Ad Campaign Name

UTM_Campaign Campaign Name from Ad Platform CRM Campaign Name Bizible Campaign Name Marketo Program Name
Bizible Campaign Name OR Marketo Program Name
Campaign Name from LinkedIn

Ad Content

UTM_Content Full Ad Copy from Ad Platform Blank CRM Activity Subject Value Blank Blank Full Ad Copy + Form Headline from LinkedIn

Ad Group

Blank Ad Group Name from Ad Platform Blank Blank Blank Blank Blank

Keyword Text

UTM_Term Keyword Text from Ad Platform Blank Blank Blank Blank Blank

Touchpoint Type

"Web Form" or "Web Visit" or "Web Chat" "Web Form" or "Web Visit" or "Web Chat"


or "Marketing List" potentially if Dynamics

Activity Type "Marketo" Marketo Activity Type "Web Form"


This is also a nice cheat sheet to have on hand as you get comfortable with Bizible reporting! Remember that any of these fields can be pulled into your CRM report however you'd like -- maybe as a column or a grouping, for example.


Check out this older post for a walk through of how to be strategic with the "Ad Campaign Name" field: https://nation.marketo.com/t5/Marketo-Whisperer-Blogs/Getting-Strategic-with-Bizible-s-Ad-Campaign-N... 


*Article last updated 6/6/2022