Checklist for Attribution Reporting

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Customers often ask me for assistance to trouble shoot issues with their attribution reporting. Here a checklist you can use to help make sure you have set-up everything correctly. I will explain each topic and their importance in an upcoming article.

  • Establish a good program naming convention that can be used as a filter in reports
  • Create only the channels which are necessary to reduce confusion and accidentally using the incorrect channel
  • Create only the program statuses which are necessary
  • Remember to set success for each program
  • Make sure the analytics behavior for each channel except Operational is set to inclusive
  • Make sure to use the correct channel when creating or cloning a program
  • Create acquisition programs for all records which enter Marketo
  • Create smart campaigns to set acquisition for each acquisition program if necessary
  • Add monthly period costs to all programs if you want to be able to sort by cost time frame
  • Define tags before starting to create programs. Make all tags required.
  • Make sure all opportunities are using the standard amount field
  • Make sure all opportunities are associated to at least one contact via the contact role/primary if syncing to a CRM

Finally, here is an article about the different attribution settings you can choose in Marketo.

Attribution Exercises (Understanding Attribution).

Here are some additional resources for learning about the Marketo integration with SFDC.