Channel Analytics Behavior Best Practices

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

To ensure your programs will appear in RCE reporting regardless of whether you included a period cost or not, I recommend setting all non-operational channels to inclusive. A friendly reminder that once you change Analytics Behavior the change will take a day to appear in RCE.


Choosing Operational also hides the channel from the calendar, not just reporting. The Operational channel is great for when you are training others or creating test programs so they don’t show up in reporting.

You can override the analytics behavior at the program level if you want to see an Operational program in RCA reporting.

I recommend you always add monthly period cost to your programs if you want to be able to filter your program reports by months, quarters and year. If you don’t add program cost and you are filtering on cost time frame, like in the Program Opportunity Analysis report, the program is filtered out completely even if Analytics Behavior is set to Inclusive.

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