Best Practices for Syncing SFDC Opportunities to Marketo – Part 1

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Marketo enables marketing users to leverage their SFDC Opportunity data to better target, segment and communicate with prospects and customers. Marketo has only read access to the SFDC opportunity object. It is best practice to only sync the SFDC opportunity fields you need and you can sync standard and custom fields. You should not change the label of a field in SFDC after it is synced, since Marketo will not recognize the change. Best practice is to disable the sync to Marketo when creating a new field that you are going to sync and then triple check the field name before re-enabling the sync. Once a field is synced it cannot be removed or hidden.



The following are the fields are necessary to have a successful integration and enable you to utilize all of Marketo’s reporting capabilities:



Account Name


Close Date

Created By

Expected Revenue

Forecast Category

Last Modified By

Opportunity Name

Opportunity Owner

Price Book





Continue to Part 2, in-depth information about how each of the SFDC Opportunity standard fields are used in Marketo.



Link to Checklist for Attribution Reporting.