Marketo University Day Beginner Track



In the Marketo Beginner Track: Using the Core Features of Marketo, you’ll gain the foundational knowledge needed to automate your marketing efforts using Marketo. You’ll be introduced to the core features of the Marketo platform, including how to build your initiatives, deploy emails, nurture your audience, automate your programs, and analyze your results with basic reports.

Target Audience:

The Marketo Beginner Track: Using the Core Features of Marketo is for marketers who are beginners with Marketo or who want to learn more about the platform and its core features.


The course format is lecture with product demonstrations.


Morning Topics

  • Understand the purpose of a Marketo program and when to use each program type
  • Use channels to track your audience’s statuses
  • Measure ROI using period costs
  • Create an email program
  • Import a list of people into Marketo
  • Design an email and send a sample to review
  • Measure program success using a smart campaign
  • Review the Email Dashboard


Afternoon Topics

  • Create a smart list
  • Design an email with tokens
  • Test your email using an A/B test
  • Review the Email Performance Report
  • Nurture your audience using the engagement program type
  • Add nurturing content and edit content priority, availability and cadence
  • Add people to your engagement program, measure program success, and pause people who should no longer receive content
  • Review the Engagement Dashboard

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Reminder: This is an add-on to the Adobe Summit 2019 Pass