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Which certification is right for me?

We offer two levels of certification. The Marketo Certified Associate is a foundational designation designed to demonstrate a candidate’s knowledge in marketing automation, general marketing concepts, and email marketing. The Marketo Certified Expert designation is a technical marketing credential that validates competency, expertise, and operational knowledge in the broad use of Marketo.

Marketo Certified AssociateMarketo Certified Expert
  • We recommend an introductory-level knowledge of marketing automation
  • Three to six months of general marketing experience
  • A minimum of three months (200 to 400 hours) hands-on experience developing and implementing marketing programs using Marketo
  • A combination of conceptual knowledge and the business context of using marketing automation and hands-on experience using Marketo
  • We recommend 800-1500 hours of real-world Marketo usage of the product before taking the MCE
  • In general, practitioners who have worked in other enterprise marketing automation software for over a year and have been using Marketo for at least six months are qualified to take the test
  • A broad basis of Marketing Automation alone is not enough to succeed on this test. The test is scenario based on actual usage of the Marketo product

I'm ready to get certified, where do I start?

Marketo University’s Learning Paths get you on track to proficiency in different areas of Marketo, whether it be with marketing automation fundamentals or advanced topics in specialized areas. Choose from and follow our different learning paths to get the most comprehensive and guided experience through our training offerings.

Marketo Certified AssociateMarketo Certified Expert
  • We recommend that you start by looking at this topic list and see how much of the material you are familiar with: MCE Exam Topics
  • We also provide links to product docs that contain study material: Certified Expert Exam Preparation
  • Marketo also offers an instructor-led 3-hour MCE prep class. This $375 class is not required to succeed on the MCE exam, but gives students a structured approach to their studying and review:
    Expert Exam Prep Course

Does Marketo provide a practice test for the certification exam?

Marketo does not provide a practice test as the exams are scenario based and designed to test real-world knowledge and use of the Marketo product. We do provide sample questions for you to get a feel of how the test is written:

MCA Study Guide

MCE Sample Questions

Does Marketo provide free training materials for MCE?

Marketo provides a detailed overview of the exam topics to help you prepare for the exam.

MCE Exam Topics

We also provide links to relevant product documentation to help you gain a deeper understanding of the exam details and concepts.

Expert Exam Preparation

Are there no-cost study material for the MCA exam?

Yes. Marketo has a free training platform with a full curriculum designed to prepare users for the MCA exam.

Marketo University

What are my test delivery options for Marketo exams?

Marketo Certified AssociateMarketo Certified Expert
  • Proctored online only
  • Proctored online
  • Proctored onsite at testing centers

Proctored exams
Uses WebAssessor’s proctoring software. This requires a software download, keystroke monitoring, camera and audio feeds, and reliable internet connection.

Testing center location

Your confirmation email and a photo ID are required.

What are the requirements to take my exam via the online proctored method?

Please use Kryterion's proctoring support site to ensure your device meets the minimum technical and internet requirements prior to scheduling your exam:

A guide is available here for test delivery preparation.

What do I do if my computer or internet connection does not meet the minimum standards for taking the MCA exam?
If your computer or internet connection does not meet the minimum requirements for taking the MCA exam, please reach out to mktcertf@adobe.com for alternative testing options.

Where can I find a local testing center for my MCE exam?

You can use this link to locate the closest Kryterion testing centers: https://www.kryteriononline.com/Locate-Test-Center .

Please note: Availability will be shown in detail when you are scheduling your exam during the purchase process.

Where can I test my computer to ensure it meets proctoring requirements?

Please use the following link BEFORE attempting to schedule your test for proctoring to ensure your system meets the requirements:


How much time do I have to take my exam?

  • For the MCA exam, you will have 90 minutes to complete 60 multiple choice questions. A timer will be on the screen during the exam to keep you updated on the time remaining.
  • For the MCE exam, you will have 90 minutes to complete 75 multiple choice questions.
Can I see what answers I got wrong on the exam?
We do not provide any feedback with specific answers or test content. When you get your results email upon completion of the test, there will be an overall score as well as a score by topic area. The score breakdown by topic area should give you a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses in various areas.
How long does my certification last?
  • MCE Certification is valid for two years. As the Marketo product advances and develops new features and capabilities, we need to ensure our experts are up to speed.
  • MCA Certification does not expire.
  • Specializations do not expire.
How do I maintain my MCE credential?
MCE certification must be renewed every 2 years. You must receive a passing score when taking the current MCE exam to maintain the credential.
Why do I not need to maintain my MCA credential?
The MCA designation is an entry-level credential to both Marketo and marketing automation and has been designed to be a stepping stone that leads to expert-level knowledge that would come from achieving the next level of Marketo certification.
Where can I find the candidate agreement and operational policies for all Marketo exams?
You can find the candidate agreement here: Marketo Certification Agreement

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