Web Personalization (RTP) - What is the difference between Target URL and the Include Pages?

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Target URL and Include Pages are both RTP terms that sound the same and get confused together, but they have different uses and meanings. This doc will go over what the differences between them are and how each can be used.



Include Pages

"Include Pages" is a filter used in Segments that will look for visitors who have been to specific pages. This filter will make the segment match for the visitor when they go to the designated page during the visitor’s session. If the visitor goes to one of the "Included Pages" during their session, then they match for the segment.

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Target URL

"Target URL" is used in RTP Campaigns. In the campaign editor, the Target URL defines which page(s) the campaign will be displayed on. So, whenever the campaign is called by a segment, it will only be displayed on those pages specified in the Target URL area of the campaign. If the visitor is not viewing one of these specified pages, the campaign will not show.

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Use Case

By using these together, you can create a campaign that will be displayed on your homepage (the Target URL) only if the visitor first viewed the pricing page (the Included Page). So, let's say your visitor went to the pricing page to look at Product A, then went back to your home page. You can have a campaign display info about Product A on your homepage knowing that the visitor is interested in that product already.