Web Personalization (RTP) - Use Lead Database Segmentations in RTP

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Unfortunately RTP does not support the option to use Lead Database segmentations as segments in RTP. However, it is still possible with a bit of a workaround. Essentially, you will want to create custom fields for each segmentation, dynamically update them using smart campaigns, and filter by these custom fields in RTP. Below we will describe the steps you will need to take to implement this.



Creating Custom Fields

To start off, you will have to make a custom field in My Marketo for each segmentation you wish to use in RTP. Follow the steps in this article to get the custom fields set up in My Marketo. Make sure to select Boolean in the Type field.



Dynamic Updates

Next, you will need to assign these custom fields to those matching their respective segmentations. To do so, we will create a smart campaign, which will also update the list as more leads begin to match the segmentation.


In My Marketo, visit the Marketing Activities page and create a new Smart Campaign


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In the Smart List tab, choose the filter for your desired segmentation, and the Segment Changes trigger for the same segmentation


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The filter will include all of the existing members of the segmentation, and the trigger will include any members that qualify for the segmentation in the future. Next,


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In the Flow tab, select the Change Data Value action, click Add Choice, and format the action to change your custom field to true when the lead qualifies for your desired segment, and false otherwise


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It is important to have both cases, for your lead matching the segmentation and for not matching, because leads can both qualify or be disqualified for segmentations at any point in time.


Finally, under the Schedule tab, edit the Smart Campaign Settings so this will apply every time, and Activate the campaign


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Set Up Custom Fields in RTP

Once you have set up your custom fields in My Marketo, you will also have to set up this field to display in RTP:


Go to your Account Settings and navigate to the Database tab


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Select your custom fields in the drop down menu at the bottom of the page, then click User-added image


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Filter by Custom Fields

Finally, once you've set up the custom field in My Marketo and in RTP, you can use the custom field to target the leads that qualify for your segmentation in My Marketo. To do so:


Go to the Segments page and create a new segment


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Lastly, use the Database filter, select your custom field, and choose either true or false depending on if you want to target those in or out of the segmentation


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There you have it! You can now use your segmentations in My Marketo to target your audience in RTP campaigns.