Web Personalization (RTP) - How To Exclude or Include the CRE on Specific Pages

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The Content Recommendation Engine (CRE) allows you to recommend specific content you'd like to promote. However, sometimes you may not want to include it on certain pages. You can exclude these pages from having the CRE on them by specifying those URLs in Account Settings as pages to be excluded.

Including and Excluding pages

You can select pages to exclude/include for the CRE display:

  1. In RTP, go to 'Account Settings'
  2. Under the 'Domain Configuration', locate the 'Recommendation Engine' section
  3. Choose to 'Include' or 'Exclude'
  4. Paste the URLs you want to include/exclude (e.g. /contact_us*; *action=logout*, (use * for wildcards) Use semicolon as separator)

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 4.30.06 PM copy.png

Examples of exclude/include configuration entries

RTP image.png

RTP image.png

RTP image.png

Maximum number of Inclusions / Exclusions

The maximum character limit for the Inclusion / Exclusion field is 1,000 characters.

Alternate way of hiding CRE

You can place the following HTML code on pages where you want to hide the recommendation engine:

     visibility: hidden !important;
       visibility: hidden !important;


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