Web Personalization (RTP) - How does Lead Data Syncing Work from RTP to Marketo


RTP works very closely with your Marketo Lead Database to pull information about previous visitors, which makes it important for Marketo and RTP to keep accurate and matching information about visitors. There are 3 scenarios that can arise based on how much information is known about the visitor, and each is handled differently. These scenarios are described below.



New Lead with no Email Address and no Marketo Cookie

When this kind of lead fills out a Marketo form:

  • Their Marketo cookie is created
  • Lead details will be updated and the Marketo-RTP sync process is initiated
  • The lead will then be known to RTP and potentially eligible for personalized campaigns



Note - RTP Marketo sync time.PNG



Lead with Email Address but no Marketo Cookie

When this kind of lead receives a Marketo email campaign and clicks on a link in the email:

  • A new Marketo cookie is created for them
  • This creation initiates the Marketo-RTP sync process



Known Lead with an Email Address and Marketo Cookie

Any changes to the lead's data will be synced between Marketo and RTP within 5 minutes