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RTP has many options for integration with other systems. Some of these integrations are built in native integrations and some can be made using custom API development. This doc will answer frequently asked questions relating to these integration options.

Note: For custom API development information, please check out the Marketo developers page: Home » Marketo Developers

Does RTP have an integration with AT Internet?

RTP doesn't have an out-of-the-box integration with AT Internet yet, but since both RTP and AT Internet have API capabilities, you can develop some custom integration options.

AT Internet info: Easily share analytics data in dashboards | AT Internet

Does RTP have an integration with Nielsen?

RTP doesn't have an out-of-the-box integration with Nielson, but since both RTP and Nielsen have API capabilities, custom integrations can be developed.

Nielson info: Nielsen API Portal | home

How do you identify customers that use retargeting?

To identify these customers, you can create a free user in BuiltWith to get a full list.

Google Remarketing: Websites using Google Remarketing

Facebook Retargeting: Websites using Facebook Page Promoter

Does RTP have an integration with WebTrends?

RTP doesn't have an out-of-the-box integration yet with WebTrends yet,but custom integrations can be built utilizing the API options in RTP and WebTrends.

WebTrends is a Marketo LaunchPoint partner, so the main Marketo platform does have an integration available. Information about that integration can be found here: Webtrends – Webtrends Multi-Channel Measurement and Retargeting – Marketo LaunchPoint.

Is there a way to integrate RTP with Demandbase?

Demandbase is a competitor for RTP, so there isn't any integration offered between RTP and Demandbase. When comparing the data accuracy between RTP and Demandbase, RTP was found to be on the same level with Demandbase, and in some cases even had stronger matches to identify anonymous visitors.

Demandbase is a Marketo LaunchPoint partner though, so the main Marketo platform does have an integration available. Information about that integration can be found here: Demandbase – Demandbase Analytics, Forms & Content Targeting – Marketo LaunchPoint

How can RTP integrate with custom data sources?

RTP has the option to push custom data using the API and then segment audiences based on it with the User Context API filter. RTP accounts can have up to 5 “Custom Variables” sent to RTP. Using the segment editor, you can create targeted segments based on these variables and then build campaigns that will be displayed just to visitors if their information matches this custom variable data.

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Helpful Links:

Information about RTP Segments can be found here: RTP Segments - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

Information about the RTP User Context API can be found here: RTP User Context API » Marketo Developers

What are the differences between the terms "Lead" and "Visitor"?

Don't worry, these terms are easily interchangeable!

  • Marketo refers to potential customers as "Leads" because you are actively marketing to them and they're 'leading' towards a sale.
  • RTP refers to them as "Visitors" because they're 'visiting' your website. Of course, these visitors could also be leading towards a sale, and you can even target RTP Segments towards Marketo Leads when using known lead data, but typically in RTP they're still called "visitors".

In RTP we talk about anonymous website visitors and traffic. Every day companies get thousands of visitors to their websites, but most are anonymous (average of 98%) and leave the website without giving their contact details. RTP identifies the visitor's organization name, industry, location and digital behavior based on their IP address and other sources in real time.

You can see a list of organizations visiting your website in RTP. Most of the visitors you see there are anonymous and you don't have their contact details so they usually aren't "leads" like in Marketo.

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Are Lead Data Fields returned in the RTP Visitor API?

No, Lead Database fields are not returned in the Visitor API. This is expected behavior.
See RTP Get Visitor Data API » Marketo Developers

This API returns the following data:

  • Organization name
  • Industries
  • Location
    • Country
    • State
    • City
  • ISP
  • ABM Lists
    • code
    • name
  • Matched Segments

Alternate Options:

  • In some cases, you can leverage the Associate Lead API call for what you're trying to do.

  • Another option will be to create segments in RTP the use known lead data conditions. Once matched, these segments will be returned in the API (under "matched segments”). For example, create an RTP segment that targets known leads with lead score > 50. Then whenever a visitor matches this segment, this data will be available in the Visitor API.

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What fields are synced from Marketo to RTP Out Of The Box?

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How many custom lead fields can I add into RTP?

RTP allows up to 30 fields to be synced from Marketo (including the standard fields).

The fields that are being synced can be changed using the directions here: Manage Lead Data in RTP - Marketo Docs - Product Docs