Web Personalization (RTP) - Common issues when uploading Named Account Lists

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The Named Accounts feature is a way to target your RTP Campaigns to specific Accounts in a Segment. It's a powerful tool for targeting specific organizations, but you may encounter errors when uploading the list of Accounts you wish to target. This doc will go over over the most common problems experienced when trying to upload a CSV file to a Named Accounts list. To learn how to upload a Named Accounts list, follow this article.



Missing or Extra Headers


The first line of your CSV file should be, in order: Name, Domain, Country, State. Make sure there are no extra columns or white spaces at the end of the line. See the screenshot below for an example of how to format your headers

RTP image.png



Issues with Quotes


Occasionally Excel will use curly quotes, which look like these: “ ”. However, curly quotes are not recognized by the uploader, instead the uploader will recognize straight quotes like these: " ". Any curly quotes will need to be replaced by straight quotes to resolve any uploading issues. To do this:


  1. First, make sure your file is saved as a CSV file (.csv) and not an excel file (.xlsx)

    Save as CSV.PNG
  2. Right click on the file to open the CSV file using a text editor (ex. Notepad, TextEdit, etc)
  3. Find and replace both opening () and closing () curly quotes with a regular quote (")

    Find and replace quotes.PNG
    Note - find and replace.PNG


Invalid Characters


This error is caused when there is an invalid character in the CSV file that you are trying to import.  This is particularly common in CSV files using non-English characters.  To rectify this, make sure your CSV file is UTF-8 encoded.  By default, Excel encodes characters in ANSI format, so if your file has non-English characters in it, you will need to convert it to UTF-8.  You can do this in Notepad or similar text editors using the following steps:


  1. Open the CSV file in the text editor and click "Save As"
  2. Save as type: All Files (Make sure you include the .csv file extension in the file name)
  3. Change the Encoding to UTF-8


Save as UTF-8 encoded.png



Invalid Country or State Names


If the location columns are in use (they are optional), check to verify that the countries and states are input in the correct way:


  • Country names should be either the full country name, or its two digit country code. Ex: United States or US
  • State names should just be their two digit state code. Ex: CA, NY, OR
  • Make sure that only US states are included in the 'State' column. Named Account lists do not support other countries' states or provinces.