Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) -- The Industry widget in the Dashboard is empty

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RTP gives a dashboard that provides lots of valuable information about your RTP instance and how everything is performing. One of the widgets in this dashboard is Top Industries. This widget is designed to give you a breakdown of the top performing industries, but sometimes the industry widget is empty:

RTP image.png


The Background

When a segment is saved in RTP, it is automatically assigned a type.  If the segment contains only the Industry filter, then it is assigned the 'Industry' type and is included in the Industry widget on the dashboard. So, this widget only contains information on Industry segments. If it is not an Industry segment, it will not be included here.


The Problem

You can obviously add more filters to the segment other than Industry. However, if the segment contains other filters, then it is assigned the 'Complex' type and is not included in the Industry widget. The only information that will display in the Industry widget is what comes from segments that use only the Industry filter and that alone.


The Solution

If you'd like a particular segment to display in the Industry widget, there are two options:

1. Remove the other filters other than Industry.

2. Create different additional Industry-only segments.