Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - Segment Matches not Sent to Google Analytics

If no data is being sent from RTP to Google Analytics, make sure that the segment in question is linked to GA


     Go to the Segments page


RTP - Go to segments.png


     Edit the segment in question


RTP - Edit segment.PNG


     Make sure Send segment to web analytics is checked on


RTP - Segment settings.PNG


Without this field checked, no data will be sent from RTP to GA regarding that segment.


To validate that RTP is sending data to your GA account, first log in to your GA account, and make sure the segment data is being populated in GA.


     Navigate to Reporting > Behavior > Events > Top Events > Segments (Event Category) > Event Actions


GA - Event actions.png



If you find that some, but not all, of the data is being transferred from RTP to GA, visit this article to learn why there might be discrepancies.