Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - RTP Tag

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Enabling or Checking if the Tag is Enabled


     Log in to RTP and enable the tag within the Account Settings page.


RTP - Go to account settings.png


     Confirm the Tag toggle is set to On




Validating the Tracking Code


Check if the RTP tracking code is injected into your website's pages.


     In a web browser, open the developers console. Go to Network, Search for rtp. Locate the rtp.js.




Checking if the Tag Executes the Tracking and Personalization Code


You should see four RTP calls:

    1. rtp.js
    2. trw
    3. msg, appearing twice


If you only see the first rtp.js call but not all other calls, check the following:


  1. Validate the tag's account ID
    1. In RTP, go to Account Settings, click Generate Tag, and confirm the correct Account ID
    2. Confirm the Account ID is the same in the code installed on this page (it's case sensitive)accountid.png
    3. Validate there are no javascript errors.
      1. In Developers Tools, go to the Console tab and check if there are any error messages related to RTP or to jQuery
    4. Validate the tag is injected properly
      1. Check if the tag is not cutting code lines or any remark elements are not there.
        1. The RTP tag is between remark elements.rtptag2.png

        2. Some of the RTP code lines are commentedtag3.png
      2. In the Developers Tools, go to Sources and add break points in the RTP tag. Refresh the page and see if there are any errors.tag4.png