Troubleshooting: Web Personalization (RTP) - Dialog box with image not rendering correctly

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In some cases when creating a dialog box campaign that includes only an image, the dialog box won't render properly on the page.

This might look like below:

RTP image.png



Root Causes and Solutions:

  • The image is too large and it takes a long time for it to load


    • Wait to see if eventually the image loads properly.

    • In this case, you will want to use an image that is a smaller file size.


  • The image dimensions are not defined in the campaign editor

     The dialog box doesn't have any indication for what its height should be (auto-height is enabled by default).


    1. Select the image in the editor and click 'Edit Image' button

    2. Go to the Appearance tab and verify that the dimensions are defined

    3. If the dimensions are not set, manually set them or re-insert the image (this will automatically configure the image's original dimensions)

RTP image.png