Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) Content Recommendations Appearing Across Domains

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The Content Recommendation Engine (CRE) is a powerful tool that will allow you to promote online content to your visitors based on their behaviors and the performance of the content itself. When the RTP tag is used on multiple domains, it will pull in all available content regardless of which domain it's on. For some marketers, this can be a problem.



The Problem

With the standard Content Recommendation Engine, this is an expected behavior. You can't limit the the recommendations from one domain to stop showing up on other domains. The content being recommended will show across all domains where the RTP tag is in use.



The Solution

There are two types of Content Recommendation Engine. The Rich Media Content Recommendation Engine will let you get around this problem.


  • The standard Content Recommendation Engine gives the bar along the bottom of the web page with the content recommendations in it. This recommendation engine is expected to have content extending across all domains where your RTP tag is in use.


  • The Rich Media Content Recommendation Engine will allow you to target which content you want to have in which places by categorizing the content and specifying which categories each web page should pull from.



Rich Media Content Recommendation Engine Info

For directions on how to utilize the Rich Media Content Recommendation Engine, please see: Enabling the Rich Media Recommendation Engine - Marketo Docs - Product Docs