Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - Content Recommendation Engine Bar shows up on all or excluded pages

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The Content Recommendation Engine Bar is a great tool to get promoted content to your web visitors. However, there are times when you only want it to show up on certain pages, or you just want to exclude some specific pages where it won't be allowed to show up. You can make these configuration changes with the documentation here: Web Personalization (RTP) - How To Exclude or Include the CRE on Specific Pages. However, what happens if you set it up and it still displays in places where it shouldn't? This doc will show you how to address this trouble.


Troubleshooting Steps

1. In RTP, go to 'Account Settings'

2. Under the 'Domain Configuration', locate the 'Recommendation Engine' section.

3. Select whether  you want to 'Include' or 'Exclude.'


RTP image.png


4. Check the 'Display (URL)' configurations to confirm they are correct.


RTP image.png



RTP image.png



RTP image.png