Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - Content Analytics: Content Discovery Doesn't Work

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If you notice that RTP is not tracking clicks to your Content Discovery pages, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take.


Check Tag and Content Discovery are On


    Go to Account Settings


RTP - Go to account settings.png


     Check Tag and Content Discovery


RTP image.png


"Tag" and "Content Discovery" must both be enabled for Content Discovery to work. Follow this article if you are having issues with your RTP tag or want to verify that it is working correctly.


Check Content Patterns


     In Account Settings, go to the Content tab


RTP - Go to content tab.png


Check that the URLs entered in the Create Content Patterns section match the URLs you wish to use with Content Discovery


RTP - Content Patterns.png


RTP - Content discovery url note.PNG


Verify Content Discovery is Working


Once you've made changes the Content Discovery setup, visit any page in the Create Content Patterns section. If the Content Discovery is working, visiting the page should increase the click count and capture you as the visitor. To check if this worked the way that it should, after visiting the website you should:


     Go to the Visitors page under Analytics


RTP - Go to visitors.png


Use the search tool in the visitor database and search for the URL that you visited. It should return a list of visits to that site with your most recent visit at the top. If the Content Discovery is working correctly, the visitor database should have tracked your visit and it should appear among the list.


RTP - Visitors page.png


Check to make sure the time stamp matches the time you visited the page. The time stamp can be found under the Visitor Information section after clicking on the visitor.