Troubleshooting - Web Personalization (RTP) Campaigns suddenly stopped working

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Sometimes your RTP Campaigns have problems and stop working suddenly. This can obviously cause trouble for your marketing efforts, so this doc will show you steps on how to troubleshoot those issues.



Troubleshooting Workflow

1. Check the campaign's last impression time stamp

          a. Go to Campaigns page

          b. Locate the relevant campaign and click the Impressions link to see people that viewed the RTP campaign (make sure the time scope corresponds to the right dates when the campaign was active)

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          c. When you see the lists of visitors that viewed the campaign, order by Latest and check for the Last / most recent visit impression time stamp


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2. Check the segment's last visit time stamp

     a. Go back to the Campaigns page and click the campaign's target segment link listed

    b. Navigate to the Segments page and identify the corresponding segment there.


3. Click the Matches link to see the visitors who have matched the segment and check the last match time stamp. You're looking to compare the most recent date/time stamps between the Segment matches and the Campaign impressions.


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Possible Outcomes


CASE A: Both time stamps are similar -- something changed in the segment level

  1. Is the segment status pending?
  2. Has someone manually changed the segment settings?

CASE B: The two time stamps don't match -- something changed in the campaign level

  1. Is the campaign status pending?
  2. Has someone manually paused the campaign / changed settings?

CASE C: The segment kept matching visitors (until the end of that day) while visitors did not see the campaign

  1. Does the campaign display properly on the website now? Check JavaScript tag.
  2. Is the campaign part of an A/B testing group? Is Auto-Tune enabled? If so, please refer to this KB article on: AB Test Your RTP Campaign - Marketo Docs - Product Docs