Marketo landing page format is different from preview


The format of the landing page is distorted in comparison to the version displayed in the landing page preview. 


SSL Certificates
Landing Page Domain
Landing Page format is different from preview
Landing Page contain unsecure content
Landing page template has http instead of https


Ensure all the links used in HTML code used in the landing page template is referencing "HTTPS" and not "HTTP". You can follow the steps outlined in the document below on how to edit landing page template. 


**NOTE: If the landing pages is approved, a draft version of the landing page is created for any landing pages which is using the landing page template. You can mass approve those landing pages via following steps outlined in the document below.


Root Cause

Once you secure your Marketo landing pages to be served over "HTTPS", you should have not links referencing "HTTP" (unsecured) assets or pages.