My campaign seems to be delayed, what is going on?


You may have multiple campaigns running and some of them are queued. You can use the Campaign Queue to get an overview of all running and queued campaigns in your instance of Marketo.

If there is a campaign backlog you can check the priority of the delayed campaigns and the campaigns at the front of the campaign queue. High priority campaigns will always move to the front of the line, followed by medium priority and low priority campaigns. If there are too many high priority or medium priority campaigns running then you may see a longer delay with low priority campaigns since they will always move to the back of the queue. You may want to consider overriding the campaign priority of non urgent campaigns that are set to high priority to reduce the priority and make room for lower priority campaigns to run. It is not recommended to set a large number of campaigns to high priority as this does not improve the processing time of the campaigns, only the order in which they are run.




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