GoToWebinar will be conducting scheduled maintenance on Saturday, February 20 from 06:00 AM UTC - 10:00 AM UTC and Sunday, February 21 from 02:00 AM UTC - 06:00 AM UTC. During the maintenance window, users will not be able to start or join GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, or GoToTraining sessions.


Affected Marketo Engage Services:
During the impacted timeframe, customer-facing webinars and APIs will be unavailable for Marketo Engage customers. Since APIs will be unavailable, Marketo Engage will not be able to sync, refresh, or transition records to “Registered” in GoToWebinar.


To identify and resolve these errors, you can create a smart list that filters on any program with a New Status of “Registration Error” for the necessary channels as shown below.


status was changed.png


You can then navigate to the People tab, view the record details to see the Status Change event which failed for the record, and create a smart campaign to update the Program Status to “Registered”.


If you have additional questions or experience any issues, please contact Marketo Engage support at https://support.marketo.com, or through any of the methods listed here.