GoToWebinar Authentication Change – Take Action Before 1/31/2019


GoToWebinar is changing their authentication protocol used for API access. Their legacy protocol, OAuth v1.0, will no longer be used after January 31, 2019, and all services accessing GoToWebinar (Marketo) will be required to use the new authentication protocol, OAuth v2.0.

Marketo has already updated our system to utilize the new OAuth v2.0 authentication protocol for new login authentication. All newly initiated service authentications between Marketo and GoToWebinar will use OAuth v2.0. However, all existing GoToWebinar services currently logged in and in use now must be reauthenticated manually.

All customers who use GoToWebinar must reauthenticate each of the logins for these services in your Marketo instance by navigating to Admin > LaunchPoint. Any API calls still using OAuth v1.0 after January 31 will fail. This will result in statuses not being shared between Marketo and GoToWebinar and will prevent users from syncing Event programs with a GoToWebinar event.


Why is this change happening?

GoToWebinar is strengthening their security protocols for API login access to their services. This requires using an upgraded version of the login protocols, known as OAuth v2.0.

Is this a Marketo change or a GoToWebinar change?

This change is being implemented by GoToWebinar to strengthen their security protocols. Marketo has upgraded our system to allow a seamless transition, but the protocol change is being made by GoToWebinar.

When does this take effect?

The new protocol version OAuth v2.0 is active and in place now. GoToWebinar has placed an announcement on their status page stating that the deprecation of the legacy OAuth v1.0 is scheduled for January 31, 2019. All connections between Marketo and GoToWebinar that are still using the legacy OAuth v1.0 protocol will be refused by GoToWebinar after that date. This includes new access requests as well as those currently active and in use.

What do I need to do?

Reauthenticate your GoToWebinar services with a fresh login from within your Marketo instance before January 31, 2019.

Why do I have to do it myself?

Marketo has made the changes necessary to utilize OAuth v2.0 for new authentication logins being made moving forward. However, all logins already in use were initiated on the older protocol, OAuth v1.0. Marketo doesn’t know your personal login credentials, so you need to do the reauthentication directly.

Is there a different procedure for how to enter the credentials inside the Marketo UI?

No. The update Marketo made was on the back end, so there is nothing different to how you enter the info. The UI is the exact same as it was.

What happens if I don’t reauthenticate the login before January 31, 2019?

All connections between Marketo and your GoToWebinar services will be refused by GoToWebinar on their end.

If I miss the deadline and the connection is shut off, how will I know?

You’ll find error messages in your Marketo instance where the services are used. See the section below for “Symptoms of a disconnected service” to know what to look for.

If I miss the deadline and the connection is shut off, how do I get it working again?

Reauthenticate your login credentials in Admin > LaunchPoint. See the “Customer Action Needed” section below for step by step directions.

Customer Action Needed

All customers who use GoToWebinar must reauthenticate the login credentials for each user. This must be done before January 31, 2019 to avoid experiencing disruption of your services.

1. Navigate to Admin

2. Click LaunchPoint to open the list of Installed Services

3. Click and open the GoToWebinar service to edit it


4. Click the Log into GoToWebinar button.


5. In the GoToWebinar Sign In pop-up window, enter your GoToWebinar email and password and click Sign In.


6. After the window closes, click Save



By reauthenticating the login, you’ve ensured that the service is using the new OAuth v2.0 protocols.

Symptoms of Disconnected Service

Here is a list of what to expect if the integration with GoToWebinar is disconnected due to the deprecation of OAuth v1.0 on January 31, 2019.

1. The service listing in Admin > LaunchPoint will have a status of Failed along with a few details.

A. Reauthenticating your login credentials will resolve these errors.

GTWService FailEdited.jpg

2. Event programs that have not yet synced with GoToWebinar will be unable to sync and will return errors.

A. Reauthenticating your login credentials will resolve these errors.

B. For reference, here is the documentation on how to sync an Event Program to GoToWebinar.


3. Existing programs which were synced with GoToWebinar prior to the deprecation will show no difference. However, if anyone is added to the program with a ‘Registered’ status, Marketo will attempt to push this record to GoToWebinar and will fail due to the deprecation of the OAuth v1.0 protocol. This will give the record a status of ‘Registration Error’. If this occurs, this data is not lost.

A. Reauthenticate the GoToWebinar service

B. Manually refresh the webinar attendance. Navigate to the Event Actions menu of your Event Program and select Refresh from Webinar Provider

4. Records that were already registered with GoToWebinar before the service stopped will still be able to receive the correct {{member.webinar url}} token. That data for the token will already be in Marketo, so reminder emails will still have the right links to the actual webinar even if the service was stopped after they were registered. The attendee report won’t be able to come down from GoToWebinar with the connection cut off, but at least your leads will still have the link to get to the webinar.

5. If the service is no longer active and an existing webinar completes, normally this would record attendance information and sync this back to Marketo and change the status of program members. However, if the service is inactive, this will fail silently, and no status change will occur. Manually refreshing from webinar provider will also silently fail if done while the service is still inactive. The notification will show that there are no updates.

A. Reauthenticate the GoToWebinar service

B. Manually refresh the webinar attendance. Navigate to the Event Actions menu of your Event Program and select Refresh from Webinar Provider

C. Now that the credentials were reauthenticated and the service is back online, the manual refresh will work properly.

How to Get Additional Help

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  • You can also Contact Marketo Support at any time.