Filter out the list of leads who failed to sync to SFDC

Issue Description
You come across a few leads who failed to sync to SFDC and would like to have the list of leads who faced the same issue.

Issue Resolution
Unfortunately Marketo doesn't have a specific type of filter to leads who failed to sync to SFDC. However if they are new leads who haven’t synced to SFDC, then you can filter them by using the filters "Person was created" and "SFDC Type" with condition "is empty".



If you want to find the list of leads (previously synced to SFDC) who failed to sync among a particular group of leads, you can filter by following the below steps.


1. Create a new Boolean type field in SFDC namely "Sync Error?" and with the default value as "true".

2. Wait for the filed to sync into Marketo.

3. Create a smart campaign to select those group of records and the flow steps to change the value of the Boolean field "Sync Error?" to ”False" and then "Sync person to SFDC".

4. Once the campaign has finished running, you will be to pull a report on SFDC on the list of leads who have the value "True" for the field "Sync Error?". It means that the value was not updated to SFDC as the record failed to sync. With this list you will be able to select the records and resolve the sync issue.


You can also create a smart list of leads who were never able to sync with the following filters:

  • Lead was synced to SFDC : Assign to : is not empty
  • SFDC Type: is Empty


I would also suggest that you refer the below list of ideas to improve the visibility of sync errors.


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Customers integrated with Salesforce

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