Set Multiple Communication Limits by Segment

Set Multiple Communication Limits by Segment

It would be great if we could set different communication limits for different groups or segments.  

  • by region - we want to have less touches with our INTL audience vs. US
  • prospect vs a customer - 
  • based on opportunity stage - we want to ensure those in our later stages of the buying cycle recieve less marketing communications

This would help with preference center management as well. We could add in optionsin our pref center form to receive XX amount of emails a month.

This would help with not having to worry about mutliple suppression lists.

Hopefully this makes sense. 🙂

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To add - we'd like to be able to exclude contacts from communication limits.  For example, our email alerts and testing email addresses get blocked after a few tests!
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another option might be to exclude leads on a specific partition from the communication-limits.

F.e. all our internal contacts are on a separate partition.

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