Restore Image and Files search to use contains criteria instead of starts with criteria

Restore Image and Files search to use contains criteria instead of starts with criteria

When the new user experience for the Images and Files section in Marketo was introduced, an additional change was made to the way searching for files works. In the previous user experience, the file search works using a contains filter: so long as the string being searched was somewhere in the file name or extension, the file would be returned. 


The update to the user experience switches this behavior, so now any search in the Image and Files section only searches with a "starts with" criteria. As a result, several common use cases, such as searching for brand keywords in files or finding files by extension (e.g., pdf, js) now are no longer possible. There is also, as far as I can tell, no wildcard search support that would still enable the use of starts with searching.


Could we please get this functionality restored in the new user experience?

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Agreed Courtney! I reached out to Support about this degraded functionality. Apparently it was an intentional change and they do not have plans to change it back. It was recommended to add the suggestion here so I'm glad to see other users are voicing their concerns about this pain point!

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Agreed! The previous search functionality should return to the Image and Files section of Marketo.  The current search functionality that only uses "starts with" criteria is not helpful for our marketing users. 

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Hi all - the latest update on this issue was October 2023 and Images and Files search only utilizes “begins with” functionality at this time

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A more advanced search which finds contains part of the text rather that just the begins really would be a major update for all.