Lead Owner Queue

Lead Owner Queue

I want a brand new field in Marketo named Lead Owner Queue that gives the name of the Lead Queue that owns the Salesforce lead. For Contacts and User owned leads this value would be blank.

Justification: we sync every lead to Salesforce. Most of our leads bubble up through a series of territory and status based Lead Queues. Our generic lead queue is called Marketing. It is very frustrating that I can't do an "If Lead Owner Queue is 'Marketing' Then..." In a lot of cases just doing "If Lead Owner Queue is not empty" would be incredibly useful too.

There is a related idea over here:

I believe my proposal is very focused and acheivable and avoids the contention discussed in the comments of that idea regarding reusing one of the existing lead owner fields for this purpose.
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It seems very odd to me that Marketo cannot read the lead owner when it's a queue.  This is clearly a Marketo bug that needs to be prioritized and fixed.  I've worked with enough dev teams that want to say that difficult issues and product shortcomings aren't bugs, but this one clearly is.
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After numerous solutions including trying Emily's, came up with another solution that is working well in early testing.

1) Make the 18 digit User ID field available to Marketo. This is the technical ID that represents your lead owner which includes lead queues.
2) Then figure out which ID maps to the queues
3) Create a segment called something lke Lead Queues and build out segments according to your mapped out 18 user digit ID.

Now you are ready to use that Lead Queue segement in campaigns, flow steps, and more. 


This is relatively simple to setup. Would be great if the Marketo product team could figure a way to do this automatically.
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Hi Jeff, where do I find the 18 digit User ID field in SFDC?  I looked in the User object field list and none of those fields (Name, Username, etc.) have a button for changing their security like the Lead / Contact / Account objects do.  The Lead record has no such field and the Lead Owner is already being synced to Marketo.  The Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Users area lists all of the users / queues and their IDs, but I don't see how to make those available to Marketo.
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Would be fantastic have this implemented! We didn't use queues much until recently and I was surprised something as simple as being able to filter based on what queue lead is in wasn't a part of standard functionality, especially considering that Marketo is a lead-centered platform! Doesn't seem to be difficult to implement and would've been a much more useful improvement than some of the things done in recent releases

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Hi David Twamley and all,

The workaround we use is extremely simple to implement : a formula field on the lead & contact objects. On the lead object, the formula will be :

  • Field name : queue name
  • Formula : Owner:Queue.QueueName

On the contact, you may want to create the same formula field, formula value "", so that the field in Marketo becomes blank when the lead is converted.

If you want a field that gives either the owner name or the queue name in the same field, the formula will be :

  • for the lead object: BLANKVALUE(Owner:Queue.QueueName, Owner:User.LastName & ", " Owner:User.FirstName)
  • for the contact object: Owner.LastName & ", "& Owner.FirstName

I recommend a couple of other useful formula fields that we often implement :

  • Owner is Queue : not(isblank(Owner:Queue.QueueName)) for leads and False for contacts
  • Owner is user : not(isblank( Owner:User.LastName )) for leads and True for contacts
  • Owner is Active : Owner:User.IsActive for leads and Owner.IsActive for contacts

EDIT : to make sure the formula values propagates to Marketo when you create them, use the force update technique described below.


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George, only if life were so easy. Marketo doesn't support reading SF calculated fields in real time. In order for the value to pass from SF to Marketo, there has to be a physical data field change. I learned this the hard way using calculated fields to add up Behavioral and Demo scores to make up Total Score. T

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Hi Jeff Coveney,

Of course, you are right, but in this case, this is easily handled with a forced update : once you have implemented the fields, you create a string field call force update, that does not show in any page layout. You use data loader to just load a value (any value) to this field. You can also use a tool such as enabler4excel (we use it a lot). This will force an update and a resync af all you leads from SFDC to Marketo and push the formula fields value to Marketo.

The issue is on the first time you set the field. After which, it does not cause any problem because each time the owner (user of queue) changes, the formula value changes also and both are pushed to Marketo.

The only issue would be if you change the queue name. In this case, the formula value would change without an update to the leads. In this rare case, you would use the forced update procedure as well.

Of course, it's better to implement these formula fields from the early beginning of the implementation, before enabling the sync.

-Greg (Not George )

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