GoToWebinar Recorded Webinars Integration

GoToWebinar Recorded Webinars Integration

Currently, the Marketo/GoToWebinar integration only supports one-off live webinars: no simulive, on-demand, or recurring webinars. Can you please add support for recorded webinars with the Marketo/GoToWebinar integration?

This single feature would take our webinar program to new heights. The ability to have recorded webinars collect registration information directly in Marketo at scale would be a game-changer.

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This is key for webinars.  Please prioritize.

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The only work around for pre-recorded webinars using Go To Webinar is Zapier which is not ideal.


In today's environment (covid) the digital world needs this type of connections.

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I'm agree we should count with this functionality as soon as possible.

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So my company did find a solution for this using a webhook in the flow and placing the webinar ID in a token at the program level. It sends an error back during the flow but makes it all the way to registration in GTW. We have to do post webinar tasks manually such as changing statuses but it's made it work for us.

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Not only to update the API to make this possible, but to have an easy way for a Live Events signup form to then be used for OnDemand, with the ability for scoring to be different for Live versus OnDemand. As the world around us changes because of a pandemic, this needs to be a top priority to meet your customers needs. 

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This functionality is badly needed and should be prioritized. We tried using the webhook and it keeps failing. No one from either Marketo or Go To Webinar can tell me why and its incredibly frustrating. 

Pardot has been able to integrate simulive webinars since Fall 2019. I'm baffled that Marketo is so behind the curve on this.

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Does Marketo have this on their roadmap? The lack of a full E2E integration is very problematic for Operational build.

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Please provide - this is key to be able to see status of persons listening to webinar recordings.

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Yes, please! This should already be a feature.

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Yes, I NEED this in my life.  No work around is good enough for this concept.  It needs to be innate in the API.