Form Performance Report - Completions by Date

Form Performance Report - Completions by Date

Having a form performance report where completions could be viewed by day, week or month would be of great benefit to users that embed forms on their web pages vs. using Marketo landing pages. This would allow allow users to analyze form completions week-over-week, month-over-month or year-over-year without having to build smart lists for each time frame. It could also be used to see number of form completions over the course of the year by month.

Furthermore, smart lists only report unique people that filled out the form within the defined time period, making it incredibly challenging to account for multiple submissions by the same person within that given time period. This report could have two option 1) to report by unique people that completed the form and attribute the most recent completion to its time frame or 2) to report total form completions.

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Already duplicates this idea:

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This is a growing need. We should be able to see who filled out a form with a timestamp and their responses to the fields on the form in a spreadsheet/smart list style view. The data is available. It is just a matter of formatting for optimal viewing.

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Hi, is this in play yet does anyone know? Feels like a really obvious need for a lot of marketers.



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The team will be working on enabling PMCF fields in RCA starting the June sprint, but we will re-visit the backlog and see if we can add more enhancements in H2. 

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Is there any update on this? since we get duplicate form fills, we want to be able to track the number of form fills, not just WHO fills out the form on our website. These are not on Marketo landing pages so it's harder for us to track this (and we want to track dates).

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We also need to see a performance report of forms. ie, what the most popular forms are.