Exclude specific domains from communications limits

Exclude specific domains from communications limits

Currently, email limits are an all-or-nothing scenario. For example, a contact cannot receive more than two emails per day and no more than 7 per week. However, this means that internal contacts might not be receiving all marketing messages for events such as webinars. 

It would be great is there was a field to exclude specific domain(s) from these communication limits. 
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Another solution to this is using workspaces. You can set up a workspace that's specific to your internal team members and clone all emails to that workspace and lead partition. You also get the added benefit of not impacting your reporting with internal people.

Another (more tedious) solution would be to clone the email and mark it as operational, then send it to your internal list. Although it requires an additional smart campaign and email per program, it would ensure everyone recieves the email.

Although I do think it would be great to set up a way to drill out additional profiles for communication limits. There are definitely people who want MORE emails per week and those who want less, and it'd be great to assign different profiles instead of trying to play 'traffic cop' 🙂 and ensure they're removed from flows or assigning rules that don't make everyone happy.
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Being able to assign profiles to communication limits would greatly enhance the ability to allow customers to determine frequency of what they get without having to worry about special campaigns, lists etc. I can see where this could really be useful.
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that would be really useful where a customer opted in to e.g. a daily xx tip. great idea!

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Another great solution would be to tie communications limits to a segmentation. We then would set different communication limits to each segment. e.g.:

  • Cold prospects
  • Hot prospects
  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Partners
  • Other stakeholders
  • ...


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