Allow tree item descriptions to be searchable within the UI

Allow tree item descriptions to be searchable within the UI

Straightforward request: I am a big advocate of using Marketo's description fields when using any sort of asset that's in a Marketo tree—a local asset, program, campaign, folder, template, etc. This area allows you to put in key details, link your work back to ticketing systems, provide context for colleagues, and so on.


However, as of today you can't search any data that's been put into a description inside the UI. For example, if I wanted to note that a certain Smart Campaign uses the form named A Cool Form with ID 1000, I might put in some text in the description like:


"Processes A Cool Form (ID: 1000), assigns values, and sends an alert".


However, if a user just searches in the tree for "A Cool Form", they'll only see the actual form asset named "A Cool Form". If the description data was also indexed in the search, the user could see not only the form but all related assets in one go. Could this data get additionally indexed into tree searches?

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LOVE this idea - I also am a big fan of using the description for additional context on assets and having it be searchable would be a huge help. 

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YES! The description field is available via API, so it should be searchable within the UI itself.

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YES! Our program titles are pretty long so I have been using the descriptions for other vital information. All this time I assumed it was already searchable. Yesterday was the first time I needed to use this feature and was saddened to learn that it wasn't a thing.  

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Yes, As soon as possable!