Allow Sales teams to add members to Marketo campaigns via Sales Insight for Dynamics

Allow Sales teams to add members to Marketo campaigns via Sales Insight for Dynamics

According to this PDF, this functionality exists for Dynamics users (which it does not). And according to a Marketo representative, this is not high priority for them to implement. Which is a shame since we were told - when we were evaluating Marketo - that they are stepping up their support for Dynamics customers. Very frustrating. - which states:

Empower sales with easy-to-use campaign tools
Marketo provides true sales and marketing alignment, giving sales reps the ability to send personalized emails and add prospects to designated marketing campaigns.

Insight to Action
Sell smarter using Marketo email and Smart Campaigns:
• Send individual marketing emails or personal campaigns to multiple recipients
• Use best practice email templates or start from scratch
• Add prospects to lead nurturing flows and other campaigns

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Dan, hi there.  Not sure who told you that this wasn't a high priority for us, as that isn't true.  With the "subject to change" disclaimer, I will say that the current plan is to add both "send Marketo email" and "add to Marketo campaign" functionality to the Dynamics integration in Q1 2014.

As for the document, we changed it, but apparently there are some links that still have the old version live.  We'll get it taken care of...sorry about that.



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Mission Critical for our company: It would be really great if you could send bulk email from Microsoft CRM Sales Insight like you can with Sales Force. Pretty disappointing that you can't.

Add to campaign would be great too. Echoing Dan, that's what we were told we can do with MS-CRM.

ETA on this?

Totally agreed with Dan that we would like to see enhanced functionality (at least matching sales force) for MS-CRM.

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Hi Dan & JB,

Mike Berger is a better resource than I am to speak about releases and timelines for MSI, but I thought I would throw out a suggestion for you to mirror the request campaign functionality with what exists today. Also on the email front, have you looked at the Outlook/gmail plugins?

Request campaign suggestion:
1. Field in CRM
Create a custom (text) field on lead/contact called "Request_Marketing_Campaign".  You expose that field on the Lead/Contact to sales reps as a drop down with predefined values (corresponding to campaign names).

2. Trigger off of CRM field in Marketo
In Marketo, set up corresponding campaigns to trigger on Data Value Changes in the "Request_Marketing_Campaign" field. Marketo then fires the appropriate action based on their request via the field. 

3. Reset CRM field for future use
After executing the campaign, be sure the change the "Request_Marketing_Campaign" back to NULL so that the rep can request a different campaign.

I hope that's helpful in the short term.
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Thanks for the suggestions Graham.  Unfortunately our CRM system is quite locked down considering we have a highly customized "opportunity management system" within the platform.  Also, getting additional fields added to CRM is quite a hassle for us.  And finally, we're on Outlook 2013 and the Marketo plug-in is not supported here.
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Hi all, I do have an update here.  It is good news bad news depending on your perspective.  On the downside, the 'add to Marketo campaign' and 'send Marketo email' features are being pushed to 2H 2014.  However, they are not being pushed because Microsoft Dynamics CRM isn't a priority for us, as it is another Microsoft Dynamics CRM feature that moved ahead of these enhancements in the development plan.

Specifically, support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Custom Objects will be rolled out in 1H 2014 (currently scheduled for inclusion in the May release).  This was a substantial project for the development team, and therefore the other features planned for release in this timeframe have been impacted.

In addition, I want to assure everyone of our commitment to the ongoing enhancement of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration.  It is strategically important to the company.  I know features aren't being delivered as quickly as some would like, and as a former customer, I can appreciate any frustration this is causing.  However, I do believe we are making strides here as there has been a lot of work put into the integration over the past 3 or 4 months. 

I also sat down recently with members of the product team responsible for the Dynamics integration and we do have quite a bit planned for 2014.  In addition to some of the more obvious enhancements that have been talked about, there are other improvements being made on the back end which should enhance the overall performance of the integration.

If anyone would like to discuss further, please feel free to email me at


P.S.  For some, Graham's recommendations can help close the gap until we launch the email and add to campaign functions in MSI for Dynamics CRM.

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Hi everyone,

Very useful topic here. We just integrated our MS CRM 2013 with Marketo and we are looking for this functionnality urgently too ! 

Graham's solution is a short time solution, but getting additional field in our CRM for that is also a little bit hassle for us too. If we only wait severals days and then get Marketo's native sales insight solution, it would be much better for us.

"'add to Marketo campaign' and 'send Marketo email' features are being pushed to 2H 2014" => Mike, do you know when it will be available ? this month ? is there a beta version that the support can active for us ? 

Best regards,

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