Add "Confirm Email Address" functionality to forms

Add "Confirm Email Address" functionality to forms

Email addresses are critically important to us as a company. We use forms that ask people to provide their email address so we can opt them in to receive our emails.

Most web sites that collect email addresses ask users up front to confirm their email address with a second email input box on the sign-up form. If the value in the second input box doesn't match the value in the first, the form sends back an error asking the user to correct this and re-submit the form.

I was surprised to learn that Marketo doesn't provide this functionality, as it seems that email addresses are important to Marketo, too.

Please add this "Confirm Email Address" functionality to the forms builder in Marketo.


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Forms 2.0 JS method here:Re: Is there an email error check function to prevent mistakes like entering email address twice?

With autocomplete in all browsers, though, I'm not such a fan of the UX with this.  Your client-side validation energies might be better spent verifying the DNS domain exists, or if the entire email address is valid.  IMO.

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