Ability to delete and maintain fields

Ability to delete and maintain fields

As a SFDC Administrator I find it increasingly frustrating that I can not properly administer and delete fields when and where I need to. You don't have to read the below examples, because essentially my idea is to let Administrators delete fields

1: Delete previously synched fields
So we originally had 1 API user across our API processes and so there were a few fields that did not necessarily need to    be visible by Marketo but had to be visible (so I painstakingly had to hide/block updates from almost 100 fields) and of course they're still there in a hidden folder??
We now have about 7 API processes and we created a Marketo Only API but of course those original fields are there and I want to clean them up, not just hide them and should I want to use these again in the future it would be a lot simpler to give visibilty rather than having to go in a unhide it.

2: Delete Marketo Custom Fields
So due to limits in SFDC we of course think about whether or not a fiedl should be visible there first, but of course sometimes they're not, so we create Marketo Custom fields and then change our mind down the track and create the field in Salesforce. Obviously have to migrate existing data but then we have a lovely field that we just hide.

3: Delete duplicate fields
So this issue is a little different, I had a whole bunch of fields where we changed the API Name in SFDC, these fields were unique to the Contact Object and now when building anything to do with those fields I have duplicates.
Example: Field vs Field (C).
Once again had to hide the original fields but always feel a bit dubious that they could get used incorrectly by a marketer - FYI there's about 17 fields all a part of a certain subscription process.....sorry marketing

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This would be very helpful - we have a lot of defunct legacy fields that we've had to hide, but much better practice would be to delete if able!

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Duplicates these ones:



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Edit and delete functionality is so basic to any webapp, but at this point I'm not even surprised that it's not something that Marketo supports on fields.  The quality of this product just continues to get worse and worse.