Ability to add custom System Tokens.

Ability to add custom System Tokens.

It would be very beneficial if you could add your own system level tokens which work instance wide and not simply rely on the small set of system ones we have.

An example could be for {{system.locale}} or {{system.utm}} which hold values which we do not want to put into a program level.

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Just a note, Neil—we use program tokens this way for that kind of thing, like Copyright Year. We put a top-level folder in Marketing Activities called "!UNIVERSAL" and then put all programs and folders underneath that folder. You can put tokens on folders, so we put lots of tokens on this level that cascade to every program, landing page, and email contained within that Universal folder.

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(I talked a bunch about this in my session "Architecting a Robust and Scalable Marketo Instance" at Marketo Summit 2015 if you want to see it in action and demos and stuff!)

Edward Unthank | Founder, Etumos

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