The Key to Finally Understanding how FT and MT Attribution are Calculated

In case you missed my talk at Summit 2018 this year.  Here is the recording of the sold out session on the Analytics that Matter:  Reports for Every stage of the Funnel

The real key to understanding how First-Touch and Multi-Touch Attribution is calculated in Marketo lies in this document.  Nothing would be complete without some marketing homework or rather word problems.   Yeah... I was that kinda TA.  This is used in Program Analyzer, Performance Insights, or Advanced Report Builder (aka Revenue Explorer/RCE)

After you watch the 30 min video, just take this document.

  1. Print it out.
  2. Book a room for yourself and anyone who wants to do math word problems together for 45 minutes.  (Think college study group.  Maybe some pizza.)
  3. Grab a pencil.
  4. Do the exercises.

You don't need a Marketo login.

This will be the most important 45 minutes you will ever spend if you really want to understand how attribution is calculated in Marketo.  You don't even have to read the first 2-3 pages.  The important thing you need to know lies in these rules below and the 20 exercises in the workbook attached.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 1.21.28 PM.png

Note:  FT rule #5 and MT rule #4 only holds true if you use the explicit setting in Revenue Cycle Analytics.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 1.23.19 PM.png