#Krewechats - Episode 14: WILD Speculation about the Adobe Marketo Acquisition!

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Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Hey there #MKTGNation!

You're talking about it, your boss is talking about it, and you're clutching your purple swag to your heart as the shadow of the big red machine looms overhead. Adobe has acquired Marketo for a cool $4.75 billion as of September 20th - but what does this mean for you, your company and our beloved Marketo? We got the gang back together to discuss our take on the acquisition and what this will mean for Marketo and us as B2B Marketers. I cannot emphasize enough that we don't have any insider information that you can't access on the internet, this is just our take on what we've heard so far.

Overall, we are all really excited about what this change will bring, and looking forward to seeing Marketo invest more and more into its core platform!

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We want to hear from you! What is your take on the acquisition? And more importantly, what swag are you hoping to snag from Purple Select before it's gone!

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If they roll Marketo Summit into Adobe Summit, I hope they continue the depth and breadth of the Marketo breakout sessions! I think they keynotes and more thought leadership-type sessions would be fine to be streamlined, but I get a lot out of the more technical sessions and workshops.

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Totally agree!

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Enjoyed this one. Totally agree on how awesome it would be to see CC products as bonuses, and the potential to see features from CC products wrap into the Marketo UX  . Very hopeful that we don't lose summit as a result of the acquisition - if it's merged into Adobe Summit and/or becomes a smaller, less comprehensive event I expect it'll be harder for those of us spread further around the globe to get business buy-in.

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I am sure that even if Marketo Summit is absorbed into Adobe Summit, the Marketo team will find lots of ways to preserve the things we love about Summit. I have also heard that Adobe Summit is a pretty great conference!

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Totally agree with Sydney Mulligan​​ and Andy Varshneya​'s wish list. Triple the engineering and product departments. That would be amazing. The core product needs investment. I also would be thrilled to see integration of Adobe tools directly into Marketo Design Studio. As Andy Varshneya​ also mentioned, this does allow Adobe to compete more directly with Salesforce. I do have concerns about how this will impact the support of SFDC. Time will tell!

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Great episode guys.  I think this also positions Adobe to compete more aggressively against other platforms like Sitecore (which includes marketing automation capabilities - but nowhere near what Marketo provides).  I've also heard that this will significantly strengthen the Microsoft partnership; and those of us on MS Dynamics will finally be able to experience the same capabilities as SFDC customers (e.g., being able to FINALLY sync to the campaign entity in MSD - which is now on the roadmap as a result of the Bizible acquisition). 

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Great video, thanks! I have an Orwellian theory to share. Based on the history of acquisitions (Eloqua, Pardot, now Marketo), I think the stand alone enterprise-level MA platform is an endangered species...arguably extinct as of September. I think our roles will shift from stewards of a single powerhouse platform to managers of the martech stack responsible for more of the sales and marketing infrastructure. I'm hoping we can preserve the soul good MA in the process...but I won't hold my breath.

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I had the opportunity to attend the first Marketo - Adobe partner exclusive webinar. Here are my key take away points from the webinar - Adobe - Marketo | First Partner Exclusive Webinar| Key Takeaway Points . I have also mentioned details on the questions and answers that were discussed. Hope it helps

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Have you attended the Adobe - Marketo webinar? They shared good insights and how will it be going forward. Please find the key take away points from the webinar here