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Bulk Approve landing pages (and Emails) in the design studio!

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Level 10

This is something that I don't know everyone realizes can be done; when I mentioned it at my Summit speech I heard a few gasps from the audience. For some of you, this is nothing new but for those who didn't already know, allow me to show you how to quickly and easily bulk approve landing pages.

So, let's say you've made some changes to one of your more popular LP templates and now you have hundreds of landing pages in Draft mode. If you don't know how to bulk approve, this is a serious pain in the tuchas.  Right? Wrong.

So mosey on over to the Design Studio and go ahead and click on Landing Pages.  From there, you'll want to sort by Approved - Sort Descending.

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All those yellow caution triangles mean you have unapproved pages. Click on the top item, then hold shift and click on the last one on the page.

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Now, click on Landing Page Actions and select Approve Draft

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Let Marketo do it's thing for a moment or two

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And BOOM.  They're all approved.  Now, repeat until all of your pages are approved.  I just saved you a lot of time!

This works for Emails too.  Just follow the same steps.

Hope this helps. If you like this trick - or any other I've presented - please make a donation to the Mental Health or Animal Rescue charity of your choice.


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You can do the same thing with emails as well

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Just a huge shame that you can't do this in Marketing Activities, since we keep most emails and many landing pages in Marketing Activities in their relevant programs.

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Hi Erica,

All your Marketing activities pages and emails will show in the design studio, when clicking on "Landing Pages" and "Emails" entries, respectively. And you will be able to process them there.


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Wow, Greg and Robb. After all these years of working with Marketo, I didn't know that. Thanks - the best tip I've had in a long time!

- Erica

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Thanks for killing my next blog post!   j/k

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Added in that this works with Emails too.

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Just be careful!

This bulk approve action is great but can get you into trouble. I ran into a huge issue with Bulk Approve using Email Editor 2.0 where I updated an email template, bulk approved all the emails built off that template, which ended up stripping the emails' modules of their edited content, and everything reverted back to the raw template values. Marketo may have fixed this bug (happened July 2016) but you can never be too careful.

Particularly with guided landing pages and emails with modules and variables, after editing a template I always recommend approving one email/landing page first, testing it for content and functionality, and THEN approving the rest if/when possible.

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I second Tyson.

I had faced and issue when I imported template which I created in old editor. I imported that in new instance which were using Editor 2.0 we replaced the code and approved it. When we sent an email we found the email is not showing the same way it was showing in different instance. So we checked the code again and found that Editor 2.0 has add few extra lines of code and also replaced few of existing html tag.

Though my problem was not really related to bulk approval it was more with Editor 2.0.

We should be careful while doing bulk approval.


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One really unfortunate discovery I made is that the bulk landing page feature does not include any landing pages that are utilizing A/B testing.  So though it decreases a ton of time in approving pages after updates to a template, one has to be mindful of any of those landing pages being A/B tested. 


Notice that in DS you won't see the two pages being tested.


I ran a quick test and the same seems to be true of any challenger emails when running a Champion/Challenger email test.