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Kim Wieczner
We are in the process of restructuring our instance to split out a highly used channel into more specific sub-channels for more accurate reporting. We are rebuilding ~250 programs but want to mark all of the successes in the old programs as successes in the new programs with their historic success date. We can export all of the contact records

John Wallace
Hi there, I have been adding Google analytics events tracking to our Marketo Forms 2.0 forms.  I have noticed the onSuccess callback is triggering two events in analytics with each form submission instead just one.   Is there a reason why this function would be executed twice and is there a way to prevent this?  Any suggestions
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Jessie Coluccio
Morning Community, Sorry I feel like these answers may be obvious but I have gone down a rabbit hole searching and reading and it's driven me a little mad.   1. Can a contact be in more than 1 smart list? A little voice in the back of my head says "no" but I can't find the documentation to back it up.   2. If I have a roadshow