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Ludvig Brandt
Hi,   I seem to have a lot of duplicates (based on the built in duplicate check, i.e. the Email Address field) in my DB, where one of each "pair" is a lead or a contact, and the other one is from a list upload (not flagged as neither a lead nor a contact and not synced to SFDC). Since the 'Email Address' field is the duplicate matching

Kim Allen
Marketo has released another very interesting take on WYSIWYG: Email Editor 2.0.With this gallery- and module-enabled interface, life becomes easier for the boots-on-the-ground marketer. Though, just like with Guided Landing Pages, our developers will need to rethink their templates and include some important elements. What’s new and
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René Kamine
Hi   I have a checkbox in a form to subsribe to our marketing. In the marketing optin field there are either Yes or No values. If that field on the form is left empty a No value is either replacing the Yes (they are already opted in) or auto populating a No value. The latter is OK, but if that check box is left blank I don't want the Yes