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Anne Cheatham
I'm trying to figure out how to set up an automated email campaign that fires an email one day before a deposit deadline date.   I tried using a batch campaign where the "If {{lead.Deposit Date}} is in future 1 day, then send XYZ email" but that doesn't seem to work correctly. I also tried setting up a trigger campaign to look for new leads

Avinash Agrawal
I wanted to create an event type of program. But I did not get any program type called "Event". Please note mine is rather a fresh marketo account.   I used to see "Event" program type while I worked for my previous employer using a different marketo account.   See the screenshot.     Please advise.   thanks
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Merrisa Brown
Hi all,   I'm a Marketo newbie, and my company is rolling out an email campaign to match our soon-to-launch website redesign. I'm wondering if there's a way to add the same fonts we've used on the site to Marketo for use in emails and landing pages/forms. I searched, but nothing recent jumped out at me. Thanks for your help, nation!