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Announcement 1 Salesforce Outage
Announcement:Salesforce Outage

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Inga Romanoff
In our next session of NYMUG, we are bringing together senior leaders from the industry to continue the discussion about alignment of sales & marketing ops. The panelists will cover practical approaches on bridging Marketing and Sales Operations roles, share a few successful use cases, suggest an entirely new level of collaboration between

Liz Krause
Hello,   I'm fairly new to Marketo.  Trying to setup Scoring.  We do not have Sales Insights or Salesforce.       I have an OP - Scoring - Demographic Program, but since it's based on demographics and not an action, I cannot use the Trigger for the Smart List step.   It does not give me an option
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I have a client who just re-vamped their web site. When they did this they created Marketo LPs for each of the white papers and other assets on their site in Design Studio. I'm trying to figure out the best way to assign Lead Source and Lead Source Detail for leads who are created when they visit the web site and click through to an LP in order to