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Anandraj S
Hello,   One of my client is looking to merge duplicate leads in Marketo. There are 7k records, so totally 14k records (with duplicates). We estimate 200 hours of work if we do manually.   Is there any way to do this automatically, probably using any API?     Thanks Anand

Patrick Cash
We have begun to notice that our trigger campaigns are not executing. I notified support and they mentioned we have 'high priority' smart campaigns that are taking precedent over our other smart campaigns. However, the examples support have provided were implement 6+ months ago and we haven't had any issues before. Also, it doesn't appear that we
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Aaron Banko
Hello All   so i have this strategy below and need some advice in what would be the best to utilize i.e. engagement streams or just normal drip (i am swaying towards normal drip programs just because of different complexities that leads will be doing).     Rules: there are specific statues that leads will need to go into the
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Chelsea Kiko
Hey everyone! Thanks to all of you who came to the last meeting. I know our schedules are crazy and sometimes we can't always make it to every MUG meet-up. I know the community is a great resource for most of us as we are diving into Marketo everyday, but Carissa Russell had an AWESOME idea to possibly start a CLE MUG Slack Channel. I know a lot