Skinning Schrodinger's Cat II Fearless MOPs in the Face of the Unknown | Summit 2019

Video created by Karan Hari Champion on Apr 25, 2019

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    For those of you who have been working in Marketo long enough, you know there is a "good way" of implementing something in Marketo and there is a 'better/more efficient" way of implementing the same thing in Marketo. Check out this amazing session which was presented at the Marketo summit 2019 by Marketo Champions - Julz James and Jenn DiMaria . Be it - Content delivery for event attendees, Preference center, Acquisition program or Attribution, Juli and Jenn explain all of this and more, with great examples of efficient ways of deploying and working with these features in Marketo. An absolute must watch and would highly recommend going through this session.


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