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Campaigns in an Engagement Program

Question asked by c1d1edef54cdd2d945e7d651cc7783d00d14b85c on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2013 by 24d7a935802c064e78e21a33923dbb665c75e246

     Hey All,

     I had a few questions about campaigns within engagement programs:

     1.  I know that engagement programs automatically do not send an email if an email with the same id (the same email) has already been sent.  Is this still true if the email is part of a smart campaign within the engagement program? (I saw that the Marketo team sends all engagement emails via programs and so wanted to mimic this but didn't want to lose the ability to stop emails from from double sending...)

     2. When you have a smart campaign within an engagement program that is set by a batch filter (member of engagement program) will it still wait until the cadence reaches it to send?  Do I need to schedule the campaign to run or is activating it inside the stream enough to make it run on the same schedule as the cadence?

     Thanks for the help!