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    SFDC Deletes

      When you delete a lead from SFDC via Marketo does it get classified at "SFDC deleted" and should there be a problem to resync that lead to SFDC later?
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          Kenny Elkington
          Hey Keith,

          When a lead is deleted from SFDC but not Marketo, two things occur.  First a "Delete Lead from SFDC" action is logged and second, the field "SFDC is Deleted" is set to true.  If you later attempt to resync the lead to SFDC, a new lead record will be created there and the "SFDC is Deleted" flag will be set back to false.  There shouldn't be any issues when trying to resync the lead back to Salesforce.
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            One thing to consider when you do this is that you lose any information that is contained solely on the SFDC side, like tasks.
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              Thanks Kenny and Jeff!   That is what I thought.   The problem that I have is that most of our campaigns are set up with a filter for "does not equal SFDC deleted"   Guess I will have to go in and delete all those filters.   Thanks again!