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    Email Images in Lotus Notes

      I've designed an email blast campaign and when sending the test to Lotus Notes, the images do not pull through. When sending to hotmail, yahoo accounts or even pickingup email on my iphone all the images populate. Any ideas?
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          I've never used Lotus Notes (didn't really know anyone still did). Are you sure there isn't a setting for displaying images by default or something like that within Notes?

          Here is some troubleshooting BS from IBM: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21110585

          Honestly, designing emails for Lotus Notes seems like designing a site for IE6. Sure some backwoods folks still use it, but are those really your target audience?
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            Agree with Leif on this one...anyone using Lotus Notes knows that any emails that look terrible to them are the fault of Lotus Notes, not you. Just make sure to add a "View as Web Page" link.  

            Here's a snapshot at modern day email market share: http://emailclientmarketshare.com/ (Notice Lotus Notes isn't even on there!)
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              Thanks for your replies gents, seemed to have got it working now.

              Agree, don't believe many of my target audience will be using Lotus Notes, I'd hope they were far more advanced than that.

              My company uses Notes so when sending tests to myself it was just frustrating that the images we're not coming through. I did check other platforms(iPhone, hotmail) and worked fine.