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Anybody encounters the problem of dynamic follow-up pages to a form?

Question asked by 44385 on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by 8442

I did some successful campaigns one year ago by following the instruction "
Change a form's follow up page dynamically" ( to get people to go to different pages pending on which choice they select in the form.

Now it seems no more valid when we follow the same instruction to insert the code in the page.

Checked with Marketo support and they believe it is JavaScript issue but I went back to our previously successful page with dynamic follow-up page settings, it is also not working anymore.

I believe it is something wrong with Marketo itself. But I am not sure if we are the only case here.

If you encounter the same issue then we can probably can really get Marketo to look into back end stuff.

Appreciate if you can share with me your experience.


P.S. the tutorial article ( cannot be found anymore.