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Advice for building our entire Resource Center using Marketo pages...

Question asked by eaa71e3687e5067ab4309495125e117613dd1327 on Jan 20, 2014
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Hi Marketo Commiunity,
My compnay is rolling out a new website where we want to house our entire resource center on Marketo pages (downloadable things like whitepapers, videos, etc.) There will be about 40 initially for me to create and then I will be adding one a month after that. Before I go creating all of this....

Does anyone have advice for best practices about how to set this up using programs? There will be a main "Resource Center" page on our website domain and when you click through on any of them it will open on a Marketo landing page with a form. Logically, I see a few ways to do this.... 

1. Create 1 program "Resource Center" with tons of Landing Pages in it (and the trigger campaigns that fire off an email to deliver their requested resource)
2. Create a program per resource or resource type. 
3. Are there other ways? 

Other things... 
- Should we use one global form? 
- For reporting purposes we will want to have a way to tell the top downloaded resource
- In CRM we will want a lead/contact record showing what resources they have downloaded in the past.

Much appreciated!!