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Congrats to Jason Connell, the winner of the Customer Engagement engine contest!

Question asked by 429a3b00c04df8e5ab80b97b236aaa7a14e3374e on Aug 5, 2013

     Jason is the winner of a Nike FuelBand! He received a high of 20 likes for his implementation tips for the new Customer Engagement engine.

     Here is his submission:

We recently just ported over our old traffic cop nurture system on to the Engagement engine (which is awesome by the way) so here are the three tips I would recommend:
     1. Draw it out before you make it - We went through three iterations on paper before we found something that would actually serve us the best. Sometimes you have this idea in your head and then when it's all laid out you find it's way too complicated, you can't maintain or scale it, or it just won't work.
     2. Work two casts ahead - You don't have to have all your content from the get-go, really you're in a safe spot if you work two blasts ahead, meaning you have content to last you for the next two casts from your engagement model. This will help you get tne engagement model going in a relatively short amount of time.
     3. Know that it's always a WIP - Don't worry about having a 100% be-all-end-all nurture program, the brilliant thing about the Engagement model is that it's very easy to change things as you go. You may learn something new about your customers, or the direction of your nurturing may change - you're going to be changing, tweaking, and editing this thing. Build what you need right now, and go from there.

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     Congrats again Jason, and thanks to everyone who participated!