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Adding Javascript to turn URL parameters into cookies for AdWords tracking

Question asked by 1c1290d6ae9dec6cc25e9a35a52e916fc56ec49d on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2014 by 41a5b9524f08a4b10cd8c642c218dd346d2fe440
The article on adding url parameters to track PCC information here is very helpful in setting up the querystring and hidden fields in Marketo forms. In particular, setting up these 4 values and their url parameters for tracking:
Value (URL Parameter)
Campaign Source (utm_source)
Campaign Medium (utm_medium)
Campaign Term (utm_term)
CampaignID (utm_campaign)

However, when it comes to adding the javascript to the template of the landing pages, to store this information as cookies to be read by any other form with the hidden fields, it links to this page. This page, while giving javascript to read url parameters and store them as cookies, is set up to read completely different parameters. (The javascript in the page given is set up to read Search Engine, Search Term, and if a PPC keyword, that keyword.)

Is there any page that actually shows the Javascript set up to read the specific url parameters given in the AdWords article? If not, can someone point out the changes needed to be made to the javascript on the second page? I know it's a matter of changing out and adding a few extra parameters, but my brain can't seem to put it together.

Thanks in advance!